Warning! There are a few explicit images! (2 dead babies - Reason: Born in the night and she had 4, she musnt of been able to tend to them all in time).

Guinea pig genetics are quite important, especially when breeding. I have breed once and the second time was an accidental pregnancy. However I wouldn't say a mistake - Since they were beautiful and I did keep 2 of them and not just sell them all off. Want to know what happened to the remaining male from the second litter? I sold him to one of my teachers from school.

Here are some litters i have had, firstly some pictures of the parents:

And then the children, it was mostly the colourings I am pointing out in these pictures.


 The 2 babies from the first litterare very similar, both brown faces, both have white blazes, both have brown back feet, both have white from feet. However the baby in the middle picture was born deaf, which was a shame. The baby in the first picture was found dead when i woken up, which was a real shame. You'll find all 3 of these in the Rainbow Bridge section. 

 The first one was found dead a few hours after birth along with his sister above, which was again, a real shame. The second baby was sold to my teacher, you'll also find him in the Rainbow Bridge section too.


The uncle, which is the dads brother,  has the ginger stripe on his right. His neice has the same ginger stripe on her left. When she was born i was so happy she looked as beautiful as her uncle since all of the other babies looked like eachother or similar to their parents. You'll find the uncle in the Rainbow bridge section.


 Looks like her father but with a blaze and 2 white front paws like her sisters and brother from the same litter. You will find her in the Rainbow Bridge section.


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