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Guinea Pigs require quite a lot of care, they need brushing, and sometimes bathing, their claws need to be cut once every month or so, and their teeth need to be checked weekly. These things can be done at home. You can can get a grooming set like the one by Options in the picture:


On the link it has a Grooming set suitable for Guinea pigs, it also has instructions on the back on how to groom a guinea pig (I have this set).

They need to be bathed every 6 months if they have short fur such as an Agouti, Abyssinian, or another short furred Guinea Pig, Long coat Guinea pigs need a bath every 3-4 months. The time in-between baths varies, due to cage size, the sex etc... If the cage is quite small, a short coat would be every 5 months, and a long every 3 months. If they're male, every 3 months for long fur, and every 4 months for short fur. In the picture are my 2 Guinea Pigs just before a bath, sitting in the sink with towels. Here is a link (Not owned by me) on how to bath Guinea Pigs:


Their teeth need checking weekly too! This is done by putting your piggy on your chest and pulling the skin on the top part of the mouth up, making the incisors (front teeth) visible. If the top and bottom teeth are about 1cm long, that’s fine, if about a cm and a half plus, then they will need clipping, a vet would do this as if it is done wrong, the teeth can grow wrong.

Every month the claws need to be clipped, as they grow all the time like human nails. It’s hard to clip them when they have black nails, as you can’t see the little pink vain called the Qik. This can bleed quite a lot if you cut into it. To cut nails that are black or brown, just cut the very tip off, the nails should be about 3/4 of a cm long on an adult Guinea pig. On a white claw, just cut until about 0.2cm after you see the Qik end. If you do end up cutting into the Qik and it starts to bleed, use some Flour that you cook with and put a bit on the end of the nail, this will cause a clot and stop the bleeding.

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