Guinea Pig Colourings


Albino guinea pigs are full white with pink eyes.

Dalmation guinea pigs are white with spots of colour on the body and some have a coloured head the same colour as the spots.

 Himalayan guinea pigs are white with dark spots of brown on the nose, ears and feet.

Roan guinea pigs have darker hairs such as black or red mixed evenly in with white hairs.

 Agouti guinea pigs have fur which are dark and light bands of colour on each hair and include the colours golden and silver.

 Brindle guinea pigs have 2 colours thats intermingle with eachother all over the body.

 Toirtoiseshell and white guinea pigs have well defined patches of rectangular shapes that are roughly the same size and when the colours change its roughly on the middle of the back.


The tortoiseshell guinea pig has shapes of colour which are red, white and black on the body, similar in size but do not run together along the back.


 The Dutch guinea pigs head is the same colour is the rear of the body. Sometimes with a white blaze. Their head and rear are usually brown, red or black but can be other colours.