The picture above is my 3 females eating some of their veggies. They often get some apple with their daily veg too!


A Guinea Pigs diet needs to be full of Vitamin C! They cannot easily produce this special Vitamin themself, so need us to provide it for them, in order for them to be healthy, happy animals.

Their basic diet is LOTS and LOTS of Hay, vegetables and nuggets/muesli.

80 - 90% of their diet is made up of Hay alone! They need Timothy or Meadow hay. Alfalfa hay should be given to pregnant guinea pigs only, not as a normal diet due to high calcium.

 - Then they need lots of vegetables and some fruits! This can include:
Broccoli (stalk and leaves too)
Spinach (normal, mustard or baby spinach)
Carrots (normal and baby, and the green bit on top)
Cabbage (sweetheart and savoy cabbage)
Cauliflower Leaves
Brussels Sprouts
Bell Pepper (no seeds)
Tomato (Take green bit off top and take out seeds)
Baby Tomato
Turnip (Includes the green top)
Sweet Potato
Romaine lettuce
Green beans
Dandelion Leaves
Chinese Cabbage (can be called Pak Choi)
Apple (No seeds, they are poisonous).                                                                       Pear (No seeds)

 - Things they can’t have:
Citrus fruits (Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime etc...)
Junk Food (E.G sweets, pizza, ice cream, baked beans etc...)
Meat (E.G Pork, Lamb, Bacon, Beef etc...)
Fish (Salmon, Tuna, Kipper etc...)
Fizzy drinks (E.G Cola, Cherryade, Lemonade etc...)
Household Detergents (E.G Bleach etc...)

 - They need a good mix of pellets too!
Something like Excel, Supreme Science are a great way to go, but is quite expensive. Look for a good quality Food, Muesli can be high in sugar, so look at the ingredients.

 - Treats
Dried fruits are ok, Raisins and dried Pineapple are a one to watch as when they are dried their sugar amount increases.
 Most things from pet shops are ok, dried sweet corn is ok to hang in the cage but I don't recommend it because of a personal experience with it.

DON'T FORGET: Always provide a constant supply of water, that is changed at least once per day!