Rainbow Bridge


Here is a page dedicated to the animals I have previously lost. All of which passed away at a very young age which was so sad to see.

Guinea pigs:


 Tommy left us on 13th November 2008, born on 5th August 2008 at 8:59pm in my arms, he had a very short life. He will always be in my heart and I love him a lot. He was shy compared to his brother. He was a real character and loved attention. I only had him for one month, but he will always be special to me, and I wish i had him longer to find out more about a pet that i loved dearly,. I miss you Tommy. Rest in Peace little one. xx




 Connie left us at 9 months old. She was born on 30th of march 2009 and passed away on 11th december 2009 at 4:35pm. She was very close to our hearts, being born and bred in my home, she was always going to be special.Unfortunatley Connie was deaf, and didn't respend to much but she had an amazing personality, she was her mummy's favourite of the litter and she will always be in my heart. I miss you so much Connie and I wish i could of helped you.Rest in Peace babygirl.  xx




Lola and Connie were sisters. Lola was bred and born in my home and came into the world on 30th march 2009. She had a short life and also died on 11th december 2009 with her sister at 7:05pm. She was always my favourite one. I miss her so much and I wish i could of helped her. She would of always been special like Connie, and I miss her a lot. I wish I had more time with you to enjoy you so much more as I practically hand raised you. You had a beautiful personality Lola. I love you so much. Rest in peace baby girl. xx





 Crystal was from my guinea pigs second litter. (Therefor Lola and Connie's sisters, but from a different litter). She was born on the 11th March 2010, and sadly died on the 29th August 2010 at 5:14pm. She was beautiful and was always playing with her sister Sapphire when I went up to bed. She will be loved very dearly and I will never forget any of my pets that have passed away. They might not be here but the memories are. I love you Crystal and I won't for get you for a lifetime to come. I miss you so much. Rest in peace baby girl. xx



 Rover was with us for a short time till he was 8 weeks old. I sold him on to a teacher who i knew would take great care of him. She did but unfortunately 3 months late he escaped and foxes were known to her area, so that may of been what happened. He was a great guinea pig, beautiful colouring and an amazing personality. He would squeak at you when he smelt you and loved his food just that tad bit more than all my other guinea pigs. He will always be in my heart. The same litter as Crystal, and brother to Crystal, Lola, Sapphire, and Connie.May he forever rest in peace. xx


Molly and Tucky


Tucky - Left - Male.  Molly - Right - Female.

I cant really say anything about their personalities, as when I found them, they had passed away, i believe this is because they were part of the first litter and she had 4 babies. I think they must have came through quite fast and she didn't have time to clean them all off in time, since when i found them they still had sack covering their faces and feet. I think they would of had great personalities like their siblings, they are beautiful and really cute. I wish i could of had time with them to get to know them. But for now, they'll be in my heart forever and I will miss them always. Rest in Peace littles ones. xx






 Jerrie was my female chinese dwarf hamster given to me by my sister in 2008. She was only about 2 and a half weeks away from 2 years old when she passed away. She was a lovely hamster who gave me great pleasure to own. She was the first pet I owned that was completely mine to own and I will always remember her and treasure my memories I had with her for that, just like all my other pets. She will be forever remembered and her existence will never leave my heart. Love you and miss you Jerrie. xx (24.01.2008-5.01.2010)



 Well...What can I say? I wish i had her longer for one. She was 5 months old when i got her and i owned her for 2 months.For the short while I had her for, i couldn't of loved her more. My mum brought her home a week after the death of Jerrie and I was pleased to see another addition to the animals I will always love dearly. She was a great hamster and memories will always be there since there was few. She was cute with a wonderful personality and I wouldn't of had her any other way. Her full personality would of only shown more if she was with me longer. I always always love her and she will never be forgotten for as long as I shall remain on this earth. Miss you. xx



The way she left me wasn't nice at all. She left this world with a broken spine and I hated the idea of her being in pain. She will always remain in my heart. She wasby far the most active hamster i have owned which meant I had a lot of funowning her. She earnt me greatrewards which were mainly smiles and happiness, but she was my hamster and i'll always remember her for her little cheekiness and how she was awake till about 11am in the morning and came out at roughly 8pm the night before and I laughed as she was on her wheel till such a late time in the day. I only wish I had more time with her. Miss you and love you so much, you'll never be forgotten.xx



Unfortunatly I don't have a picture. She was born in 1996 on the 6th of october. My nan rescued her in 1999 from the RSPCA and I took partial owndership of her and her daughter Jasmin. Purddy was put to sleep in 17th may in 2006 after having many seizures and falling down the stairs a few times, my nan and grandad finally decided it was unfair to let her carry on suffering. I remember all those times i layed on the floor with the two dogs at their house stroking them and giving kisses, fiddling with the fur and ears. She was a lovely dog and never to be forgotten. She was special in every way and i'd like her to be remembered as the wonderful dog she was and gave the family much happiness and was very loyal to everyone she met. Love you lots and miss you. You'll never be forgotten. xx